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Current Notes!!!

News 2011 - Jason Atkinson, with David Knauer, compose new instrumental music for Alibi Music Library.

News 2011 - PMM performs original music on Playboy Radio for 4th of July show.

News 2010 - Jason Atkinson, with David Knauer, composes instrumental music for Beyond Music.
Various tracks are used on Latin MTV, So You Think You Can Dance, MTV - When I Was 17, VH1 News Presents New Virginity, etc.

News 2010 - PMM members contribute music to

News 2007 - Tom Bishel and Ed Krzyzaniak on Sirius Playboy Radio aired on March 5th. Clips available soon. Song "We Aim To Please" written for and sung by Playboy Playmate Miriam Gonzalez.

News 2007 - “The Awful Truth” was placed in the film Cold Ones, starring C. Thomas Howell.

News - “Words Of Cassandra - Pop-Uptempo category top 20 finalist in the Unisong songwriting contest.

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